Founded in 2012, the objective of the company is to provide an experience that defies superlatives to the gamers which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. We make it a point to travel that extra-mile which helps us transform the online gaming space, ensure fair play practices and give a wholesome experience to our users.
over the years.



Our success depends on attracting and retaining the best talent who recognise the importance of being part of a winning team. We foster an environment where initiative and innovation are rewarded. We combine our skills & expertise with creative thinking to spot new trends and tools to improve our customers’ experiences.
over the years.



Our brands leverage the state-of-art technology in the process revolutionizing the gaming industry. KhelPlay Rummy & Pokerstars.in gave us the headstart that has helped us engineer our growth in all these years. KhelChamps is our latest endeavour in the Fantasy gaming space. Each of our brand provides a unique experience which is enthralling & immersive.

Leading the Change

Our products engage & keep the users absorbed with intuitive gameplay. Thorough research goes into development which helps us create products that suit the needs of the customer & also fills the demand gap. A connection is created with the gamers by being ahead in terms of technological innovation, smart marketing & intelligent data mining. We are future-ready & that help us be a step ahead of others ensuring a sustainable & profitable business.

Established - 2012

Privately Owned

Presence in Mumbai & Delhi

Players in 199 cities

Games consistently rated 4* and above"


We have taken the road less travelled. We view challenges as opportunities and therefore dared to dream and achieve big. With a hunger for growth and a global vision we are confident of creating successful products of tomorrow, today!

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We turn all our challenges into wonderful opportunities for everyone who is a part of the play. We are always looking for people who are hungry to grow above and beyond by taking calculated risks to stay ahead of the curve.

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We always believe in doing the right thing, from the way we run our business and manage financial affairs, to how we support our people, our culture and the communities we work with. We believe & strive to achieve sustainable & responsible growth.

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