We are committed to offering our players an environment that is safe and secure without compromising on the ease of convenience and the ultimate experience. Our games are a form of recreational activity. We do all that we reasonably can, to promote a responsible exposure and to help support those who develop personal, financial and/or social and psychological health problems. Our philanthropic activities extend to serving the needs of charities and volunteering with local community programs. Few of our CSR Initiative have been listed below:



Responsible gaming measures that emphasize on Fair gaming, Minor Protection, and Self-Exclusion Measures form the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We employ all necessary measures to put limits on Player overindulgence in their online gaming passion.

Trends on skill games industry conducted at NSCI.

Being the thought leader in the Skill Games Industry, we took the initiative to enlighten players and operators on the recent developments in the field.


Kerala Flood Relief Donation

We had to help our brothers and sisters in Flood-Ravaged Kerala. Each soul within the organization played their part to provide the essential commodities and more to help the state build itself again.


Maharashtra Flood Relief Donation

When a family member is in trouble, we come together and help. Such was the case during recent Maharashtra floods where each and everyone played a crucial role in arranging the essential commodities for the affected people. We hope our contribution helped the state start a normal life once again.