Department Designation Experience
Development Game Tester 6 Months
  • Play and test the application, portal &games repeatedly in different ways and situations
  • Learn to be repetitive as well as unexpected. Basically you’re trying to break the application / portal / game!
  • Test different versions of the game including PC, Mobile (app & HTML5) versions if available
  • Concentrate on certain areas of the game and try every possibility available
  • Compare new versions of game and replicate previous bugs to see if they have been fixed
  • Play game using different settings and options if available
  • Check for content, hyperlinks, landing pages, registrations, campaigns, deposits, withdrawal etc. processes
  • Report any error codes that may pop up and report them to bug tracking software or manually
  • Proof any other documentation with game including manuals, instructions and other booklets
  • Understand the difference between reporting a bug and reporting a feature
  • Prepare test cases for manual/uat/regression testing
  • Get the new ideas to improve product
  • Should have knowledge for test tool, be good in intrusion testing
  • Freedom to voice your opinion and influence product direction
  • Collective Leadership and Ownership
  • IITians and MBA’s from Ivy league schools
  • Refreshments, Snacks, Quizzing, … and fun unlimited