Skill Gaming Statistics India

It is in the past few years that a dramatic change has happened in Online Skill based gaming in India. It is now a thriving and an ever growing industry. The Online Skill based gaming industry at several occasions has been hurdled by legal issues and heavy competition in India. Yet there has been a continuous growth trend in the industry.

Online Card games such as Rummy, and strategy based games like Fantasy sports games, all fall under the same umbrella of online gaming in India. As of 2018, the online card game industry projected a revenue of over 20 Million USD.

The other booming skill based online game currently in the Indian scenario is Fantasy Sports. Owing to the popularity of cricket in India, fantasy cricket has really taken off, way ahead of the other fantasy sports. This is mainly due to the excitement of playing LIVE with their favorite cricket players.

Indian Premiere League(IPL) is one of the biggest contributing factors, which has significantly boosted the growth of the game type in this short duration of time. As mentioned in an independent report by Deloitte, fantasy sports all in all recorded a revenue of above 50 Million USD and its user base as of 2019 is projected to rise from an already high 20 Million user base to a whopping total of above 100 Million Users.

The market for skill based online games is teeming with competition. From 2014 to 2018, there has been almost a two-fold increase in the number of skill based game providers as per the report published by Deloitte in 2018.

  •    Card game platforms have increased in number, being only 10 in the year 2014, to becoming around 18 companies in 2018.
  •    Fantasy sport companies have also increased in number with a similar growth pattern, with 8 existing in the year 2014, and 18 companies by 2018.

Social Connect and Stress relief are the most influencing factors for skill based game players in India. The average age of online gamers in India is about 22-34 years of age. And since a relatively young audience is catered to, through these games, the industry continues to remain dynamic.

With the current market trends and player behavior, the average user is looking for gainful entertainment, which is exactly what Skill based games cater to. Moreover, skill based games have persisted through several obstacles, since its initiation in the Indian Market. And are very likely to do so for quite some time in the future too.